Thanksgiving Thankful Tree

I'm always trying to get my son to do crafts that don't require a lot of time to do but long enough to get him away from the television. Children can make a beautiful tree of hand print leaves or leaf cutouts that displays what the children are thankful for. This tree makes a great Thanksgiving decoration. We made ours out of twigs and foam sheets. 

Vase is from Wal-Mart for $4.00,
Vase fillers from the Dollar Tree for $2.00,
Foam sheets from Wal-mart $2.00,
Packaging twine $1.00, 
Twigs are from our yard. 
Spending time with the entire family,  priceless.
Sorry had to put that in there. We even made two for our dogs since they are family too. :) 

Supplies needed:
  • Construction paper  or foam sheets. (fall colors)
  • Crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue or a glue stick
  • substitute brown paper for twigs ( from hobby store or from your own yard)
  • string if twigs are used.
  • favorite vase, if using clear vase, use rocks to keep the twigs in place.
If using brown construction paper or foam sheets, cut out a tree trunk and branches. Trace hands on construction paper or foam sheets. Then cut out the tracings. These will be the leaves. 
Have each person write their names and what they're thankful for on each of the hand prints.
Glue or staple the tree trunk on a large piece of construction paper or onto a cork or bulletin board. If using twigs for tree, either glue to the leaf if you use paper or cut a small hole and pull string through it if using foam paper and tie to twig or glue or staple the hand print leaves to the tree.
If you don't want to use hand prints, use cut-out leaves.
Template  provided below.